Why Me?.

  • Over 20 000 hours of consulting experience.
  • Over 15 years of experience managing my own firms and client projects.
  • Over 200 firms and 1600 clients ordered my services.
  • I combine theory, psychology, human behavior with work and real-life experience.
  • I always set a strategy my clients are able to fulfill and maintain.
  • I am an analyst above all – I strongly believe only measurable performance can lead to true change. And you wouldn’t believe what can be precisely measured nowadays!
  • I believe you will succeed by taking simple and gradual steps, not by making lofty plans and rash changes.
  • I listen and always give you my full and undivided attention.

I have been dealing with issues concerning good corporate governance since the year 1999. I focus on hiring talent & headhunting, communication, motivation and management. I apply psychology and trends based on latest research to provide companies and their employees with the best possible guidance and advice. In my work I use techniques for optimal personnel hiring as well as individual and group development. In corporation with my clients, I develop and subsequently lead comprehensive educational programs, individual consultations, and mentoring sessions.

For the past 15 years, I have been part of upper management in numerous SMEs. I strongly believe that only real-life experience can bring concrete benefits to my clients. I do my best to expand the boundaries of my clients’ comfort zones to make them more successful, free, and content. I am data driven and never afraid to set KPIs and regularly measure the value my work brings to my clients.

I organize a mastermind group for business owners and CEOs called “Expert Board”. I apply experience gained from my own businesses and from over 20 000 hours of consulting to help your company perform better.

Psychology is my powerful weapon. I possess the ability to apply psychology into common practice of companies so owners and managers can benefit from it.

My engineering background and education also provide me with strong analytical thinking. Therefore, I can give valuable insight and together with business owners and CEOs find solutions to complicated issues and challenges within companies.

I am a lecturer of an MBA program and I see first-hand that even this level of education does not provide alumni with all the needed skills and know-how. That is why a substantial part of my mastermind groups is dedicated to connecting CEOs with top-level managers in order for them to brainstorm, share ideas, learn and gain experience from one another.

I remember what and how my clients tell me. Therefore, I “speak the language” of my clients. I understand the lingo in their line of work, nuances in the segment they operate in and develop a level of understanding with not only my clients, but also with their associates and employees.