Why Do You Need a Guide?.

Imagine having more than 20 000 hours of experience leading and managing companies. Imagine gaining experience working for or with over 400 firms. Imagine being able to see how they operate and – most importantly – getting the chance to evaluate what brings them success, what does not and how to avoid the latter.


Imagine having such knowledge of people and psychology, that you understand their actions and behavior. Motivation is not just an abstract concept to you, but rather a tool that helps unlock potential of people, ideas, and projects you encounter. And I do not mean just your motivation, but motivation of everyone around you. Imagine being the one providing the necessary impulse to push things forward and stimulate people to always give their best.


Imagine having vast experience with a variety of managerial methods and techniques, possessing discipline, enthusiasm, determination, and always knowing what the priorities are and what to focus on. You do not let anything distract you and divert you from reaching your goal. You can separate the wheat from the chaff which enables you to reach your goals exponentially faster than others. This success drives you, energizes you and everything you do brings you joy and satisfaction.


Imagine not being forced to choose between work, family, friends, and your personal time. You have everything in perfect balance, and you are not forced to compromise.


Does this sound like science fiction? Well, it is not for my clients. Together we find and apply solutions that enable my clients to live balanced lives in which they are content and have time for all that is important. They are not forced to “postpone” their ideal life for later.


For this story to become your reality, you need the right guide. Let us go on a journey together. I bring applied psychology to companies. I assist companies and their owners in choosing the right people and how to cooperate with them to fully unlock their potential. I organize mastermind groups for CEO. I am your uncompromising guide on your managerial path to success.